Dr Chimaraoke Obialo is a dedicated and enthusiastic professional. He is a Medical Director in Life Armada Health Consultancy. He has over 15 years practising experience in the Medical profession with extensive specialization in Psychiatry, as a provider of emotional healthcare. Dr Obialo has garnered a vast experience and skill in forensic psychiatry, substance abuse treatment, Neurology, Child and adolescent psychiatry, Geriatric psychiatry, and general psychiatry, with a key interest in Organizational psychiatry.
Through the several mental health awareness campaigns organized by life Armada Health Consultancy, Dr Obialo has engaged the public on several mental health issues. Some of them include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), delivered to Military personnel at the Military Barracks Badagary. Other mental health lectures include Managing Anxiety; Depression, Sleep disorder and Stress, to mention a few, delivered to corporate personnel and organizations.
Dr Obialo has a keen interest in engaging the public to develop a productive and sustainable service format, incorporating health awareness campaigns with IT-based services and analysis.