Kenneth Uwajeh is a Physician whose speciality is Psychiatry. He started his medical practice 10 years ago. His interest is in Community Psychiatry where he merges his passion for Psychiatry and leadership. He led National campaigns to reframe the view of mental illness in Nigeria and across Africa. As a President of the Rotary Club, he designed and implemented the mental health initiative program; a program aimed at increasing knowledge and understanding of the mental illness. His foundation which he co-founded with his brother and a Senior Colleague (The Healthy Mind Foundation Nigeria) collaborated with Rotary International and the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital Yaba in Lagos Nigeria to provide free medication for indigent Children and Adolescents with Mental illness.

During Residency training, he was elected President of the Resident Doctors Association. As President of the Association, he created a mental health education program reaching over 3 million Nigerians monthly through the State Government radio stations. His next mission is to establish Community Mental health agencies that would cater to the mental health needs Across Africa using Telebehavioural health as a tool for education, capacity building, in-service training for task shifting to revamp the mental health system across the African Continent. He chooses to commit himself to understand the depth and breadth of Public Health at the Prestigious George Washington Milken Institute of Public Health to achieve his mission. He can be reached at or